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Medical accuracy with fitness applications. 


The most efficient provider of body composition analysis for those seeking to discover and track their body composition, with an analytical perspective.

What We Do

We provide medical grade technology at your request using the seca mBCA 514. Our system is medically validated and is used in leading research centers, academic institutions, professional sports organizations, and the most trusted hospital systems in the world.   

You are never pinched, dunked in water, forced to fast, or wear revealing clothing to complete the analysis. Simply come as you are or call us to come to you.

Our System

Medical Accuracy

Medically validated, our system conforms 98% to the 4C Model, with R2s nearly 1.0 for several other biometrics. Accuracy a doctor could appreciate, and now our clients 

Trusted Precision

8 points of contact, 15 frequencies, and a handrail with 3 hand positions allow for the most repeatable  measurement possible now, and later. If mass hasn't changed, neither will your biometrics 

Software Tracking

Utilizing medical software, we will track your progress in our medical database. Either now or next year, we will always track your data precisely. Proprietary tracking technology, completely unique to you

How we work

1.  We offer body composition assessments and consultation to any and all individuals or groups needing to monitor body composition once, or many times. Whatever your need, we have a package for you. As a primarily mobile service provider, we can schedule an assessment at your gym or any other space needed. Click here for more on our testing protocol


2.  If you are a gym owner, health care provider, or small business needing to utilize our system to track mass data or group testing, please contact us to set up a demonstration to see our system in action and discover our group analytics and reporting. Marketing pieces and digital back ups are available with all partnership models. Click here to see how you can work with us!  

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We are here to allow you to track your transformation the way you should. With our services, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of your body to allow you to take control.

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