Group Testing

The medical component of our software is optimized to make data tracking of a large group possible. The database charts profiles of each and every person individually, but, the data can also exported where we generate group tracking and reporting with proprietary software. We provide the exporting and data rundown. Possible applications include:

  • gym owners/directors needing to track members' body composition safely, securely, and concisely

  • fitness/nutrition challenges that need digital rundowns with formulas to make additional analytics easy to self-generate

  • business owners needing to monitor and track employees general health via body composition for insurance/incentive  purposes

  • health care providers wanting an additional modality to compliment their existing service lines.

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Group analytics

The raw data summary illuminates pre and post program mass values with change listed in a separate column, for every personally individually involved in a particular fitness program or group. The reports are broken down into pre-selected compartments but can individually selected per request. The rundown of data is also provided generated from the raw data to save you time in selecting winners and top performers.  

Raw data

Program Summary

Marketing pieces 

The tracking summary is included with every mass data event or program. We generate this piece for the benefit of the owner/director of the program to showcase the success and positive trends of the program. Add this report to existing promotional pieces to attract new members to your gym while promoting your future program. Have a participant that wants to make a change but doesn't know what to focus on? Pick a parameter they can improve on and show them what is possible! Report is provided in a physical 2ft x 3ft poster*.  

  • All fat loss metrics can be displayed in this pane to showcase trends for all demographics 

  • Program parameters detail the exercise/nutrition metrics and demographics of participants 


  • Skeletal muscle gain or retention can show what a paleo or keto centric program can do

  • Linear change for selected metrics is available to make performance visually stunning

  • 100% customization. Make a request and we will create it!

*Larger prints incur an additional charge 

  • FAST FACTS to showcase impressive results

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