Tracking Reports

Once your baseline assessment is completed and saved, your data is stored in medical software for as long as you prefer. Because we use a medical database, we can track the transformation of your body mass over time. Whether you would like to test once a month, once a quarter, or once a year, your metrics will be tracked in linear and graphical representations to showcase accurate and precise physical transformations that will validate your exercise or nutrition programming.  

Compartmental Tracking Summaries

The Trubody Tracking Summary is a rundown of mass change linearly. During a change in exercise programming or nutrition, the scale may not record any weight change because of a gain in fat free mass or muscle, making progress impossible to see graphically. This summary illuminates what mass has changed or transformed over any time period. The report is broken down into 5 trackable compartments making your progress easy to see, linearly and graphically below:

  • The transformation summary at the top of the page is concise rundown of mass change including body fat percentage change and linear tracking delineation transposed on the BCC (see below).

  • The fat mass compartment changes tracking solely fat here in pounds.

  • Fat free mass includes all mass that is not fat. Strength training and particular nutrition programs can illicit fat free mass gain including bone and connective tissue

  • Skeletal muscle mass is specifically tracked here. In cases where strength and muscle growth or high protein nutrition program are emphasized, it is likely there will be gains made in this compartment here, shown linearly.

  • Weight is tracked here indiscriminately. In particular body mass transformations,it is common to have fat free mass gains as well as fat loss. These parameters will equate to a horizontal line over time. Holding this compartment against the others can illuminate the true success of a fitness program

Body fat percentage change 

Total pounds = loss in fat +gain in muscle notated in neutral value. If both were lost, the value is negative

BCC chart with directional change transposed

*Tracking Summaries can be generated when more than one datapoint has been recorded in the software.

Body Composition Chart Tracking

The Body Composition Chart (made available by seca analytics 115) generates a baseline data point based on fat mass and fat free mass values. The data is charted and placed in a quadrant described by four ranges of health. Successive assessments of the changing fat mass and fat free mass values are then charted on the EXISTING baseline graphic, making directional change visible. 


  • Jan 12th, 2016 | Directional change: BASELINE

  • March 15th, 2016 | Directional change: Increasing muscle mass 

  • Sept 18th, 2016 | Directional change: Increasing muscle mass 

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