Client Packages

Standard Pricing
*Contracted rates for partners not listed*

Only want to measure once?

Single Test: $40.00

Want to measure every 6 months?

Double Test: $70.00

How about measuring every 90 days?

Quarterly Test: $120.00

Want to measure on each visit and be Tru to your Body?!*

Unlimited Testing*: $300.00

*max 24 tests per year (potential $660.00 savings)


Multiple members in your gym seeking assessments? Tell your gym's owner to contact us today so we can help you monitor your transformation the right way and save you money! 

Partner with Us

Whether you're an athletic club seeking an in-depth analysis of your athlete or a health facility looking to increase your revenue stream, you can achieve your goal by partnering with us and offering your clients the service they need to monitor their transformation while following your training or nutrition program.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can work together to improve the lives we care about.

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